The actor headshot world is changing. Casting directors and clients want to see you in your natural state. They want your headshot to reflect what you would look like when you walk into a casting room. Gone are the days of heavily retouched images, things are getting more real! I will capture the best version of you in the most natural way possible.

Why choose Sean Shannon Photography?

"Not only is Sean a great photographer, he's an absolute master of natural light and an even better bloke." - Freddie Abrahams

"Sean is warm, welcoming, professional and talented all at the same time. I absolutely love the shots he took of me!" - Jenna Upton

"Honestly some of the most beautiful images I've received in a long time and it came along with a great cup of coffee and good conversation, bonus!" - Eranne Hancke

"I finally have the single strong image I was looking for for my CV - so seriously thank you!" - Skye Russell

Contact me.

For bookings or enquiries please use the form. Feel free to WhatsApp me on 082 709 0866 or email me directly on Tell me about what you are needing from your headshots and what you would like to achieve in our session.


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