How long are your sessions?

Headshot sessions are up to 2 hours long but please allocate at least 3 hours out of your day for the session.

What are looks?

A look is considered a outfit change. We might also change up the lighting or backgrounds. Adding an extra item such as a jacket would not be considered a separate look.

What should I wear?

Bring your favourite top or dress, something you feel great in and fits you well, as well as a black and white or grey tops. Plain neutral colours work very well. Also bring coloured items that go well with your skin tone or match your eyes. Avoid stripes or bold prints. If you're not sure bring lots of options and we will go through them all and see what works.

Do I need a make-up artist?

I love the natural look so I am more than happy for you to do your own make-up. If you would like a more polished look I can source a make-up artist for you.

What should I do with my hair?

We ask that you come hair ready, and the MUA will fine tune your hair to compliment the make up. We may vary your hair during the shoot. Gents, if you want to have a hair cut before the shoot, I suggest doing so 5 - 7 days in advance to give your hair time to settle.

Should I shave (gents)?

This is entire up to you and how you want to market yourself. If you want to be clean shaven and have sensitive skin, I would suggest shaving the night before the shoot.

Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?

Both. I shoot with flash and natural light to give a variety of options. I have a home studio just off Kloof Street with a number of options in terms of lighting. If it is pouring with rain I would suggest rescheduling or moving the shoot to later in the day as I do like to get outdoors.

Is retouching included?

All images are edited and colour graded but they are NOT retouched. The way I shoot, in most cases retouching is not needed. My style is very natural and real. If you would like a more polished look then I can recommend a retoucher who produces excellent work. The cost is R80 per image.

What will happen during the shoot?

First you will be greeted with a flat white or cup of tea and we can chat. Then we will go through all your clothing options (I like to take everything out and put together outfits) and come up with a plan for the session.

How long will it take to get my images?

I send proofs for you to make your selections the same day or at least the following day. Once you have made your selections I deliver the final images within 5 - 7 days.

Do you require a deposit?

If booking more than a week in advance, a deposit of R500 is required. If you cancel a session, the deposit is not refundable. The full cost of the session is payable on the day or before the shoot.

What if I need to reschedule?

I understand that life happens and that you may need to reschedule. Please give at least 48 hours notice or your deposit may be forfeited.

How many shoots do you do per day?

I try to only do one shoot per day as I like to give everything to a shoot. I also prefer not too rush and rather take my time to get the best images.

What time are you sessions?

I prefer to shoot at 11am in the morning, as the light is the best. If you would like an afternoon slot then I shoot at 2pm.

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